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What we Grow



The Bing cherry is the most popular of the sweet cherry varieties. The Bing Cherry is large and has a sweet flavor with a dark garnet color. 



A very large, dark red, firm, late season sweet cherry, crunchy texture, and eye appealing long stems. Strong consumer acceptance.

Coral Champagne


We are excited about our newest variety The Coral Champagne. A low acid cherry with glossy dark flesh and very sweet flavor that is similar to Bing. The fruit is large to very large.

Pearl Varieties


We Currently have 3 types of the pearl variety and are very excited about this cherry.

  • Burgundy Pearl- This large, early black-red cherry has above average firmness and quality.
  • Black Pearl- This large cherry is firm and crunchy with excellent flavor.
  • Ebony Pearl- The last to ripen of the pearl variety. They are vary large, dark red, almost black in color. These cherries have good crack resistance and firmness. 




Skeena is a sweet, kidney-shaped cherry with dark red-to-black skin and dark red flesh. The fruit is very large and firm.

Early Robins


Very large blushed-cherry heart shaped in appearance, that looks similar to Rainier but ripens one to two weeks earlier. Very sweet in flavor. 



The earliest of our varieties Chelans are very similar to Bing cherries due to their sweetness, dark red color, and cultivation in the same area. The Chelan cherries ripen nearly two weeks before Bing cherries.



A large bright red cherry. Sweetheart has a mild, sweet flavor and outstanding firmness. This heart-shaped cherry ships extremely well. 

Table Grapes


We are excited about our newest addition to Polehn Farms. We now have 3 varieties of table grapes.

  • Flame red seedless, delicately sweet flavor.
  • Monukka, purplish-black skin, very rich flavor.
  • Fresno yellow seedless, light mild taste.

Bartlett Pear


The green pear that is regularly seen on supermarket shelves is called a Bartlett Pear. It’s the only pear with which many Americas are familiar. Great for eating or cooking with. 

Golden bosc pear


Golden Russet Bosc pears have an elongated neck and distinct bronze color. These pears are very aromatic and juicy great for cooking with.

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