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Polehn Farms Inc.

Welcome to Polehn Farms Inc.


Our Mission


Quality Local Farming

Our Farm focus is on quality and employee safety. We ensure this by being Global Gap as well as USDA certified.

 We Maintain and practice all OSHA, EPA, FDA, and FSA regulations and rules

Our Mission at Polehn Farms is to commit to working together with integrity as a family owned business, to provide, process, and market the highest quality fruit, to employ sound horticulture and leadership practices. 

Our Story

Established in 1945

In 1945 Otto and Emma Polehn purchased the Dry Hollow orchard. They grew apricots, peaches, prunes, and cherries.

Marvin and Donella Polehn married in 1956 while Marvin was in the army in California. They moved to The Dalles, OR shortly after and he quickly began to follow in his ancestors crafts.

He worked hard as a carpenter as well as raised fruit. Together they acquired what is today, known as Polehn Farms Inc., over 800 acres of farm land. They raised 5 children on the farm and taught them the value of hard work. Today the farm is ran by the oldest son Ken Polehn, who worked by his dad's side to learn the family business. he also owns and operates his own farm K&L orchards. 

The oldest and youngest daughters are also part of the daily operations at the farm. Delinda Anderson is currently the President and oversees all the administrative operations of the company. She also owns and operates her own family farm, Anderson Fruit Company. Molly Lapsley is the Secretary of the Corporation and oversees the packing facility. 

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Polehn Farms Inc.

2121 Dry Hollow Rd, The Dalles, OR 97058 USA

(541) 296-1735

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